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In my previous blog, Wanted:  More Girls in Gaming! I talked about the value of diversity on teams and how there are too few women in the games industry.  Today, a colleague happened to mention some of the same concerns I’ve been having.  She shared an article from Business Insider, Meet the 21 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising.  It talks about how the original Mobile Power List was intended to be gender neutral but not a single woman made the cut.

As nice as it is that Business Insider created a list to highlight successful women, I find it devaluing that one of the Most Powerful Women listed is a spokesperson who is best known for wearing pink.

kelaine212, a Business Insider reader summed up my thinking perfectly:

You have a list of amazing strong women that have succeeded in a highly dominant male industry because of their brains and savvy and you include a spokesperson on the list? I’m sure she’s a great spokesperson but that’s not what this list is about and you really diminish the credibility of this list by including her. Very surprised by this.

However, the real issue is – why aren’t there more women in the most powerful roles?

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